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Bugs, Bugs, Bugs

Day 5

First, my friend and I did The Esseles flashpoint a second time.  We plowed through it this time without any trouble.  Bosses dropped the same items as before so I’m wondering if they don’t have a loot “table” as in most games.  My friend took the gear for his character’s companion.

Also, there have been small patches being downloaded but I can’t find any patch notes.  The minimap is now showing where party members are — the little person icon sticks at the edge of the minimap and turns to look like an arrow.  It’s still easily hidden by other icons and the purple color is a little hard to see against the blue-green color of the minimap itself.

I did figure out some other issues with the map system.  There are different levels of maps (similar to zone vs continent maps in World of Warcraft) and you can locate party members on the highest level map.  I still have a problem with how unintuitive it is to use the map.  In WoW, left clicking “zooms in” and right clicking “zooms out” when viewing the maps.  I figured that out almost instantly when I first started playing WoW.  The Old Republic does not use left and right clicks in that manner.  But it should.

We found a number of bugs, though none of them are game-breaking.

#4 Quests You Can’t Abandon

During one of my class quests, I received a bonus quest to kill some mobs that were in the class-specific instance.  Usually you complete these bonus quests without even trying — or at least we do; we do have a tendency to kill everything that moves.  This time I somehow did not complete the bonus quest.  Some time after exiting the quest instance I noticed that the bonus quest was still in my quest log.  I don’t have the option to abandon the quest and I can no longer enter that instance.

#5 Commendation Item

As you perform quests and kill mobs you acquire “Commendations” that are similar to Justice Points in World of Warcraft.  The major difference being that the Commendations are specific to each planet.  These Commendations are a type of currency that can be used to purchase gear.  It appears that the gear is “level appropriate” for each planet.  Tython equipment is good around level 10, Coruscant equipment is good for level 16, etc.

I think this system is superior to World of Warcraft since there is not a need for increasingly large numbers of points given.

The bug that I found is that one quest gave me a commendation as an item, not as currency.  I can’t spend it.

#6 Taxi Interface

This one is just a display bug.

If you hover over one of the taxi destinations it will show information about that point including what quests are nearby.  Nice.  (Aside from the fact that this one is showing a quest that I can’t complete.)

If you move away from the taxi person the map will close but the popup with its information remains.

#7 Pets and Elevators

There was a resource node up above me and the only way to get there appeared to be by taking an elevator.  Not a problem for me but it was a problem for the pet.  It would roll to the elevator and then turn around and go elsewhere.  I went up and then dismissed the pet and resummoned it and the picture below shows the result.

No, I’m not lifting the astromech into the air using the force.  Sorry.

He did that all on his own.

And I couldn’t do anything with the resource node since it is actually your pets that do the dirty work when it comes to gathering.

#8 Pet Flop

I’ll try to get a picture of this but I don’t have one yet.

Sometimes after a fight — maybe when the companion gets knocked down? — my friend’s companion will stay prone on the floor.  When he moves his character the companion sort of teleports from one location to another while remaining on the floor.

Taking an elevator fixes the problem.

#9 Twi’lek Tails?

Not sure exactly what this was.

We saw a Twi’lek (the race with the two tubes coming out of their heads) player run by and there was this… wriggling worm thing following her to one side.  It was clearly some sort of artifact and my friend believes that it was some part of the tentacles being projected incorrectly.

I haven’t noticed it with any other player, so it could be some odd combination of race and clothing, etc.

Creepy.  And distracting; I didn’t get a screenshot.

#9.5 Item Stacking

Not a bug, per se, but another simple interface issue that was overlooked.

Items don’t always stack as they should.

If you open your bank and right click items in your inventory then they are transferred to the bank.  Unfortunately, the stackable items don’t stack with those already in your bank.  Hopefully that will get fixed soon.


As I said, none of the bugs we found are game-breaking.  Having a quest permanently in your log is a bit annoying though.

In the end we reached level 16 and found another flashpoint.  This one suggests four players.  Fun times ahead.


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