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Day 6

Not much to say.  The game is becoming more familiar to me so I’m finding fewer new things to write about.


My friend is utterly convinced that The Old Republic uses the same game engine as World of Warcraft.  I’m not sure it’s the same but if they did write their own engine they made it as similar to WoW as they could.

I’m not saying that’s a bad thing but there are certain quirks to the World of Warcraft game engine and they are present in The Old Republic as well.

Gathering and Crafting

I said before that your companions are the ones that do the gathering.  Apparently if you dismiss your companion then you can do the gathering yourself.  That’s one way around some of the companion pathing bugs.

You can also target a resource node from a distance and your companion will run to it and do its thing.  This is a great time-saving mechanism but you do have to be aware that the companion may still aggro hostile mobs near the node.

Crafting an item takes much longer than in previous MMOs that I’ve played.  Crafting an item takes at least a minute and your companion is gone during that time.  Once you have multiple companions this isn’t such a big deal but it is still something of an inconvenience.  You can queue up to five items for it to craft at a time.  That would at least cut down on opening the interface constantly if you are trying to skill up a crafting skill while you play.


Level 18 and more of less finished on Coruscant.  Just received my spaceship but have yet to do anything with it other than a brief tour of the interior.


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