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Day 10

I’ve been a bit busy but finally managed to get around to putting this together.

Imperial Death March

Okay, so one of the things that I’ve been doing recently is playing a Sith Warrior.  Partly to see how different the Imperial side is from the Republic and partly to see how different the advanced classes are.

The starting planets on the Imperial side are, naturally, completely different but even though I’ve only reach level 11 I have already noticed a few things that are the same.  Like the fleet space station.  I need to take a closer look and see if the decorations are different but the layout at least is identical.  Seems a bit lazy to me.

Continuing on, as I played this Sith I did find a couple of things that amused me greatly.

The first was the Sith Warrior’s companion — Vette.

The first time you see her in game she is being held captive.  Her first spoken line cracked me up and I knew I was going to like this character.

You had me at “chirp.”

Hm… need to get a screenshot of her also.

The second was the first “Darth” character that you meet.

Wait a tick… he looks familiar…

It’s Darth Iron Man!

Maybe not quite.

I’m guessing that they are trying from something Darth Vader-ish with an older feel but something about the eyes and mouth make me think of Iron Man.  Oh, well.


In a recent patch they have fixed Bug #5 on my list which apparently was related to the mail system.


There are several things that are simply annoying about the interface.

Item Stacks

Splitting stacks of items and buying multiple items from a vendor are done by holding Shift, left clicking, and dragging the items.  You are then prompted to “Split Stack” — which doesn’t make much sense when buying items but that’s what it says — with a dialogue window where you can enter the amount.

The dragging is a bit annoying but not too bad.  The problem is that Shift + click has another function which is linking an item in your current chat mode.  Also the number entry in the Split Stack dialogue does not have focus when it pops up.  So you start your purchase, type a number, and hit enter and suddenly you’ve said in general chat something like “[Fibrous Nylite Solution]20” instead of actually buying 20 of the item.  I’m sure it will be fixed but in the meantime this is a huge inconvenience to me.

Auction House

This one is less of an issue for me than for some other players because I rarely use the “Galactic Trade Network” for purchasing.  But when you do want to purchase something you can’t simply open the interface and type in the name of what you want.

You have to first choose a category and subcategory and do a search.  You can then filter that search by typing in a name.

It’s again an issue where it’s not that the system doesn’t work but it can be very awkward and much more time-consuming than need be.

Space Ports

Space ports are quickly becoming one of my top aggravations.  There are fairly large areas around player ships on each planet that are just there for scenery/immersion.  The hangars are nice looking and the space ports have some flavor so I don’t mind the areas themselves.  The problem is the limitations within these areas.  You can’t use mounts nor can you Quick Travel while inside them.  This turns them from scenery into time sinks.

Old Bugs

Bug #8, the pet flop continues to occur.  Here’s a picture after we killed a boss.  Note that my friend’s pet is alive not dead.

Here is the companion’s movement (it doesn’t slide, simply teleports from one location to another) as my friend runs down a hallway.  I should have stayed still for a better series of screenshots.

New Bugs

Bug #12

I hadn’t mentioned it before but the /follow command is broken.  This command should allow you to target a friendly (not sure if it’s limited to party members) player and automatically follow them as they move.

It was never amazing in Everquest and while World of Warcraft did better it’s still easily broken.  You can lead someone into a tree or rock or make a sharp turn where there is a ramp and cause the character that is following to not be able to continue forward.

In The Old Republic the command doesn’t work at all.  It’s there.  It’s not as if I’m typing a non-command and nothing at all happens. You target someone and type /follow and the character will rotate.  When the other player begins to move the character on follow will start moving… at about a tenth the speed it should.  We tried it on a flat area where there was no terrain issue and it simply didn’t work.

Bug #13

You can’t preview weapons.  Clothes can be previewed by Ctrl-clicking an item link.  Weapons simply don’t work.

Bug #14

On Tatooine there is an object called “Jawa Balloon” that follows a long, long path around one of the areas.  The entire path is probably about 50-55 minutes (it might be exactly an hour, not completely sure) long.  You can jump onto a platform that the balloon carries at one point in its path and it will take you to another place where you can jump off of it to reach a couple of Datacrons — little objects that give you a permanent increase to your stats.  The time from getting on the balloon to getting off at the right point is around 40 minutes.

My friend and I got on the balloon and we chatted away as it carried us on its circuitous route.  35 minutes into the trip the balloon vanished, dumping us and another player onto the ground below.

This sort of bug simply shouldn’t exist.  Yes, I’ve experienced disappearing boats in EQ and WoW but there are other options for reaching your destination in those games.  This is the “only” option for getting to the Datacron.

We actually found another way to get to the Datacrons, essentially exploiting a terrain bug, but this is probably the most frustrating thing I’ve encountered in the game so far.

Bug #15

There’s a feature that allows you to sell “gray items” in your inventory by sending your companion away for a minute.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work.  I’ve actually had it work once in-game while I was on Taris.  But that was once out of dozens of attempts to use the feature.

What’s really sad is that this feature is even mentioned in the loading screen tips.

Bug #16

The biggest graphical glitch that I’ve seen are these massive green walls that appear.  They seem to come in a couple of flavors.  The staticy type and the solid bar type.

I’ve seen this graphical bug in 5 or 6 places in the game, on at least three different planets.

Just in the two screenshots above you might notice the culprit is this object:

Whatever it is, it’s bugged and causes these green walls to appear.  There’s just a thin line in that last screenshot but if I had moved just a bit the wall would have been visible.

I’ve found some other minor graphical problems.  The sort of thing found in every game so I’m not counting them.  Mostly just mistakes in the world maps rather than glitches like the above.

Here’s an NPC sitting around in Nar Shadda without a chair.

Here’s an untextured rock on Aldaraan.

Here’s an NPC with a really messed up cape.  Yeah, even his daughter is giving him a funny look because of it.


We skipped most of Tatooine, only doing the class quests, because of how long we were on Nar Shadda.

Level 33.  See?  I’ve been busy.  😛


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